Our choice of optional extras are a great way to really enhance the atmosphere of any Wedding or Party.

Create that ‘wow factor’ effect and really stun your guests, show them something that’ll amaze for sure!

Mood Lighting

“We could not believe how lights around the room could have made a such difference
it just looked amazing to be honest. It was one of the best ideas we made for the evening for our day, well done Mark with your eye for detail.

Sue and Jamie, June 2018″

“A big thank you your moodlighting was one of the main things all my family spoke about
the next day how beautiful you made everything look well worth the cost.

Sam and my new man, August 2018″

Mood lighting is a new concept to hit weddings and parties which can totally transform an otherwise plain room into something spectacular.

Our mood lighting incorporates the use of multi-coloured LED fixtures which means that it is energy efficient, safe (due to no heat output) and also more convenient as the fixtures can be connected together so they don’t occupy multiple power points!

The lighting can be set to match your theme or selected colour as near as possible, the beauty of LED fixtures also mean that the lights can be set at different colours throughout the room if you wished – perfect for those with 2 or more colour pallet ideas.

We can also set two different colours to separate your day and evening times – a great way to give that extra wow-factor.

The price is for 12 uplighting fixtures.

Price: £130

Early Bird Breakfast Set


“We had the Earlybird Breakfast set and it was the best decision ever, Mark took control of everything making sure all our guests – and us! – were where we needed to be and liaised clearly and professionally with the venue staff.

Adam and Holly, July 2018″

“He spent the whole day ensuring we were taken care of and informed on what was happening, essentially, he seemed to manage the whole day on our behalf. The amount of stress removed by Mark on our wedding day is something you cannot put a value on.

Aston & Erica, August 2018″

Song N Dance offers an Early Wedding Breakfast set which comprises of:

– Early disco setup
– Wireless Microphone for speeches
– Background music of your choice
We make sure that everything is in place in plenty of time before you and your guests are to due arrive at the venue, ensuring that there are no interruptions or gaps later on into the evening.

The use of our wireless mic is perfect for your announcements and speeches ensuring that the person speaking can be heard clearly throughout the room.

Your choice of background music ensures an atmosphere is created that reflects you and your partners personalities, a perfect way to enjoy your meal whilst listening to the music you know and love without hearing the same song twice!

Price: £140

Confetti Cannons

Let Song N Dance add that extra bang to your occasion!

Our confetti cannons offer includes 2x professional handheld confetti cannons that are handed to two designated members of your party just before they are required to be set off.
The confetti cannons fire a large amount of silver and white confetti that shimmer as they fall gracefully from the air.

Price: £50

LOVE letters

Song N Dance are proud to offer 5ft LED ‘LOVE’ Letters

These giant illuminated letters are guaranteed to add that touch of class to your special day, they also serve as a perfect backdrop for some of your professional photos.

Price: £230

LED Dancefloor

Song N Dance are now offering a beautiful white twinkly LED Dancefloor.

The dancefloor can be configured in a variety of sizes up to 18ft x 18ft square but rectangular shapes are also possible meaning that a floor fits all venues!
Add that extra sparkle to your event with an LED dancefloor

Price: £495