Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?

When booking we require a non returnable deposit to confirm you booking.

The deposit is currently £75 for the disco only and £100 for the disco and any extras combination.

We allow 48 hours between quoting and confirming your booking, unfortunately we cannot hold dates after this time but the quote will still stand for you if a particular date you have chosen is available.

How much do you charge and how can we pay?


Our prices vary from event to event due to different requirements, please feel free to contact us to receive a free no obligation quote tailored to you and your event


Upon booking we require a non returnable deposit to confirm you booking and the balance of the function must be made in full before the event.

We accept payments via Cash or Bank Transfer – further details on payments will be supplied upon booking.

Please note that cheques received 14 days before the event cannot be accepted.

What music will you play?

We carry a wide range of music, with a large selection of artists, genres and general songs.

Upon booking we ask you if you have any pre-party requests or playlists that you would like to send us before the day – giving you the choice of adding in your own touch or simply leaving it to us.

We tailor the style of music based on the type of event, we also welcome requests from you and your guests on the night.

We also offer you to submit a ‘do not play’ list – if there’s anything you wouldn’t like to be heard please let us know and we’ll avoid those selected choices.

How will you dress?

We will dress appropriately for your event, for everyday functions we’ll usually wear a Song’N’Dance branded polo shirt with dark work trousers.

For weddings we will usually dress in plain black suit trousers and a smart black shirt – if you’d prefer something a little more formal please let us know.

During setup and packdown times our team may be in slightly diferent casual clothing to enable us to feel a little more ‘comfortable’ – this will be before your guests are due to arrive at the start and after your guests have left at the end.

How long does it take you to setup?

Depending on your choice of setup it can vary; for our standard setups we would usually request just over an hour so that we can have everything setup ready for the arrival of your guests.

We kindly ask that you provide the access times of your chosen venue and also if there are any stairs as this may cause a delay.

Can we add any extras after booking?

Of course you can, if you’d like to add an add-on after you’ve already book then please just let us know, we will do all we can to make sure that you have exactly what you require for your event

Our fantastic range of additional extras can be found in our extras section in the top menu.

Can we meet you before the date?

We like to meet all of our wedding clients before the date so we can discuss all of the necessary details enabling us to have everything we should need for the day itself.

We are happy to meet you about any event rather than just weddings – please contact us if you would like to meet us to discuss your booking in further detail.

You are more than welcome to request more than one meeting – we love to keep up-to-date with our clients and we know how things can change, so if you’d like to see us again then please don’t be afraid to ask.

Do you take breaks during the event or party?

For events that will require us all day we would kindly request the consideration of a break time to be given to our team to enable time to have a drink/something to eat.

During the main part of the event the DJ will only leave the booth for a toilet break or to purchase refreshments – in most cases another member of the team will be present during this time that the DJ would be away.